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Slippers Size Loafer Purple US6 Heel 7CM Wild Height UK5 PENGFEI Color 1 Female Colors Sandals 5 235 Summer 4 Purple Beach EU37 5qCwCx

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The Wednesday is the result of over a decade of fat bike design experience distilled into one steely-eyed package. With Wednesday, we borrowed elements from some of our Trail and Touring models to create a whip that can truly handle anything you want to attempt. Want to point it down the side of mountain? Go ahead, roll those dice. And if you make it to the bottom, you’ll be able to ride back to the top for round two. Wednesday’s geometry is spry enough to get you through techy stuff, stable enough for the fast stuff, and doesn’t feel sluggish on terrain-crawling stuff.

While Wednesday is plenty confident on terrifying terrain, it also has the chops for any sort of expedition you may want to undertake. We gave it all the necessary braze-ons and mounts for whatever accoutrements you feel necessary in your travels. Racks? Front and rear, friend. Fenders? You got it. Bottle mounts? How does triple bottle bosses on both fork legs and the down tube, and two sets of standard mounts on the main triangle grab you? We even gave Wednesday internal routing for a dropper post and Surly Trip Guides to keep everything nice and neat and free of rat’s nests. In the dropout department, Wednesday uses a cast steel, rear-facing, slotted dropout that can exit either rearward or vertically. They’re compatible with either 10mm or 12mm axles and are spaced at 170/177mm.

We wanted Wednesday to offer a lot of options when it comes to tire clearance. In the full-forward, short chainstay position you can run 26 x 3.8˝ tires on 80mm rims and in the full-rearward, longer chainstay position you get the option of 26 x 4.6˝ tires on an 80mm rim. Wednesday is constructed using our proprietary ED-coated 4130 CroMoly steel. ED coating is a process that provides a solid foundation for paint externally while adding a layer of corrosion protection internally. ED coating goes a long way, but we still recommend using an additional treatment like Frame Saver or Boeshield.


1 Heel Purple 235 EU37 Purple UK5 Sandals PENGFEI 7CM Colors Female US6 Beach Height 5 Slippers Wild 4 Summer Loafer Size Color

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Hi guys, for a 1,71 meter rider which size of Wednesday do you recommand? S or XS? Thanks!

Asked by Keuk
Verified Reply - Michael At 1.71m the small Wednesday will be a better fit. Be sure to go over the geo chart with your local shop as they will be able to consider you reach ad stand over clearance to make the best recommendation.

Hello!! For the wednesday bike, your recommending a lower bearing EC44 / 30. Could you put one ZS44 / 30 the same as the top one? What would be the problem?

Asked by Teo
Verified Reply - Chris You could install a ZS44/30 lower on the Wednesday, just keep in mind that the frame geometry was designed with the approx. 5mm lower headset cup being there. Moving to a zero-stack lower would steepen the head tube angle a bit, which would change the front end handling slightly. Certainly no harm in doing so, but it would be deviating from the geometry that the frame was optimized for.

What is the longest fork that I can put on the Surly Wednesday? I am getting the black one from last year and would love to put a 120mm or more fork on the front for summer!

Asked by R.
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Verified Reply - Chris The largest suspension fork you should run on a Wednesday is 100mm. Anything larger will alter the handling of the bike significantly as well as place additional stress on the frame.

Color Wild 5 4 Colors PENGFEI 7CM Size Sandals Beach US6 Summer Slippers Purple Purple Female UK5 235 Height EU37 1 Loafer Heel Is the bike sold frame only in the grey sweatpants color? Does the frame only include a headset, and if so, what kind?

Asked by Cliff
Verified Reply - Chris Yes, Gray Sweatpants Wednesday framesets are available individually. They do not include a headset. You will want to get a ZS44/28.6 upper and an EC44/30 lower.
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We're i can see prices?

Asked by Naomi
Verified Reply - Michael Our prices can vary depending on your location (country). Please reach out to your local dealer or distributor to get the pricing in your area. If you are located in the United States, the MSRP is $1550.00

Thinking about a Wednesday but am curious about the kid seat capabilities given the fat tire setup. Do you all recommend a partial liar seat or is it even doable? Thanks.

Asked by Colin
Verified Reply - Michael We sell a Fat Rear Disc Rack for the Wednesday, but it has not been tested for live cargo so we cannot recommend using it for that purpose. Honestly, im not to sure that I know of a fat bike specific rear rack child carrier.

Wheels and rims: what tubes does the Wednesday come with?

Asked by GW
Beach 4 Wild Female Summer Height 7CM Purple 235 Slippers 1 Loafer Colors 5 PENGFEI Sandals Heel US6 Purple UK5 Color Size EU37 Verified Reply - Graham The Wednesday comes stock with Formula Hubs laced to our My Other Brother Darryl tubeless fat bike rims.

I'm a 350 lbs guy and it says this bike is rated to 355. Am I good? Do I need to make any changes?

Asked by Nick
Verified Reply - Michael The bike was tested to handle 2 foot drops at 355 pounds (total weight) so as long as your under that weight and keeping it less than 2 feet off the ground, you will be good to go.

US6 PENGFEI Sandals Purple Purple Loafer 1 Beach Colors Height Size 5 235 EU37 Slippers 4 Color Summer 7CM UK5 Wild Heel Female Will you folks be offering a 27.5 wheel for your fat bikes any time soon? I have an older 29" Monkey and want to explore more in the winter...

Asked by B>>
Verified Reply - Michael I'm assuming your looking for a bike with 27.5 x 4" wheels (since we offer the KM in a 27.5 x 3" now). We don't have any bikes that come stock with this new wheel size, but you can certainly build up a custom Ice Cream Truck frames as it will fit a 27.5" x 4" wheel with plenty of clearance. Thanks

Just double checking this beast runs well with a 29+ wheel set and looking for any tips regarding the conversion.

Asked by Terminal Rookie
Verified Reply - Graham The Wednesday works really well with a 29 x 3.0 tire set up. Just make sure you have a 170/177mm rear hub and the rear wheel will need to pulled back 10mm in the dropout.