Turns out, it’s possible to have clothes that also care for you.

Sustain makes clothing with a conscience, healthy for you and the environment.

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Did you know studies prove you absorb chemicals and pesticides laced within the fibers of your clothes… right into your skin? Sustain offers a better alternative. Made from organic fibers and holistic, natural dyeing techniques - our styles are a welcome relief for anyone looking to heal and soothe skin concerns, or simply be more proactive about their health. We make considerate, conscious clothing, that loves you back.

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We take sustainability seriously. Everything from the fibers in our clothing, thread, dyes, and even tags are 100% eco-friendly with the environment in mind. We revived time-honored techniques that utilize plants as dyes. Love our mauve and olive tanks? Their signature colors are created using safe and natural plants and roots. Hint : pomegranate is one of them. We aim to go beyond trying to shrink our environmental impact, our goal is to erase it entirely.

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Skool Vans Skate True Cup Shoe Old White Pink Zephyr

We believe in good health over impulsive trends. Our advice? Consider every purchase, buy smart. We passionately believe there should be nothing in your closet that is harmful to you, your family, or the environment. Our styles are timeless, classic and affordable. So, that tee you grab to run to the local farmers market? It should be as considered as the food you’re fueling yourself with and Sustain helps make that a reality. Ready to join us?

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Sustain makes healthy clothing from organic, natural fibers that are good for your body and good for the world. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes, we avoid using synthetic dyes and toxic chemicals that could absorb into your skin and cause health issues. Our selection of plant-dyed clothing made with certified organic materials and ayurvedic processes promote well-being. Also, by using pesticide-free plants, we are actively reducing the harmful chemicals within the atmosphere. Together, we are helping to reverse the cause of global climate change while looking great.

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Pink True Skool White Old Zephyr Cup Skate Vans Shoe YA0wnx

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