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1. To make a thing one’s own; to make a thing the subject of property; to exercise dominion over an object to the extent, and for the purpose, of making it subserve one’s own proper use or pleasure. The term is properly used in this sense to denote the acquisition of property and a right of exclusive enjoyment in those things which before were without an owner or were publici juris. United States v. Nicholson (D. C.) 12 Fed. 522; Wulzen v. San Francisco, 101 Cal. 15, 35 Pac. 353, 40 Am. St. Rep. 17; People v. Lammerts, 104 N. Y. 137, 58 N. E. 22. 2. To prescribe a particular use for particular moneys; to designate or destine a fund or property for a distinct use, or for the payment of a particular demand. Whitehead v. Gibbons, 10 N. J. Eq. 235; State v. Bordelon, 0 La. Ann. 08. In its use with reference to payments or moneys, there is room for a distinction between this term and “apply.” The former properly denotes the setting apart of a fund or payment for a particular use or purpose, or the mental act of resolving that it shall be so employed, while “apply” signifies the actual expenditure of the fund, or using the payment, for the purpose to which it has been appropriated. Practically, however, the words are used interchangeably. 3. To appropriate Is also used in the sense of to distribute; in this sense it may denote the act of an executor or administrator who distributes the estate of his decedent among the legatees, heirs, or others entitled, in pursuance of his duties and according to their respective rights.

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